Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My tale with setting network connection on Fedora 9

Well, here is my story!!!

Had installed the brand new Fedora 9 on my home PC. Had forgotten the network settings and during installation, It had asked for network details like the IP, default gateway etc...

I had not noted it down previously. Thought I'll configure later and skipped the step. After installation, I wasn't able to browse the net. Obviously, reason being, the network connection not set properly.

Since then, Was just busy setting network connections but in vain. tried different kinda network, ethernet, broadband, xDSL and what not? This went on for 8 days exactly till today.

Today, I just deleted all sorta connection I created and just restarted the network service and voila! ITs working and I'm publishing this entry in this blog.

Still don't know the reason behind it. Will post it once i come to know about it.

Fedora 9 rocks \m/ !!!

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Anonymous Pilar said...

Great work.

8:51 PM  

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