Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google Buzz: My views.

Though there is nothing technical discussed here in this post, I'd take this opportunity to blog about a product from Google. Their recent one.

Since a week or so, people all over the world who use gmail have been provided with a new feature right within their mail. Its kinda like social networking, more specifically to say, its sorta copied what twitter does; with some new features and some modifications to the existing ones.

You can update your status, just like you do it on twitter, facebook, orkut and what-so-ever social networking site. Share the links you liked, share your pics from wherever you are (coz it also has mobile support).You can also watch the updates from your friends, follow unknown people whose updates you find interesting.

Not that these are totally new features which google has brought up. All of them were done in some roundabout method previously. Buzz is just like one stop where you can do it all in a simpler way now under one roof.

If you know Google Reader and have been using it for quite sometime, buzz makes no surprize to you at all. So, for all those who are extensively using reader, you find that buzz is just one more interface for your shared items. In other words, its like developing a new UI for your command line tools.

Why did Google start buzz? Here is what Kevin Rose had to say. I agree with him too.

Okay... It got released. People who werent using twitter but used gmail liked it very much. First two days of buzz went on overflow. Everybody buzzed every single update from them. Followed everyone in their contact list.

What next? From the next day, people were outa topic to update. Most of the new products go this way. Same applies to Google Wave. Twitter was filled with status updates asking everyone to send a wave invite if they had any. Same happened in case of Google's go language. Never heard a thing about Go since the first week of its release.

I'm not saying that buzz will also join the flop list. Those who use reader, continue to use buzz. Added advantage to them is that their passive friends (passive in the sense, those who don't use reader) follow them on buzz. One good thing is that you can add more sites you're active onto your buzz. You can link twitter, picasa, flickr, even blogger to buzz, which is quite a good feature.

These are just updates since a week or so. Who knows? Buzz might catch up soon and become a hit. Base of buzz, gmail is pretty wide inspite of threats from Facebook planning to start its own 'Gmail killer'.

I wish buzz its best luck for its future. Post your views.

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Blogger Calvin Bhai said...

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12:39 PM  
Blogger Calvin Bhai said...

good things about Buzz:

it is Twitter + Twitpic. (you can read more about the TwitPic story here on my blog)

It has no limit on the no. of characters too!

Unlike Twitter, Buzz doesnt allow you to post through SMS. Well, not only SMS, Buzz has no write APIs as of now, so it'll take some time before you can see some decent apps come out for Buzz.

I feel Buzz is far more widely accepted/acceptable than Wave for two reasons:

1) its not as complicated for a majority of the users (thats why I consider it to be a prequel to Wave)
2) Google didn't try their tested but not fit for the current scenario method of signing up people 'by invite only'. Wave would be good if all my friends were on it when I signed up (and their friends were on it when they signed up). but by the time most others joined wave, I was too bored of wave. Buzz didn't repeat the same mistake!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Sandesh said...

yeah! agree... =)

3:32 AM  

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