Friday, August 08, 2008

Another interesting tool by Google, Insights

Hey Hey Hey!!!

For all those who are interested in statistics and web pages analysis and page hits as well as related stuffs,

Here is the tool which does just that. Its named google insights. Pretty powerful in its search, google is now ready to give analysis of searches performed worldwide. What people like for, what they google most for...

It has many salient features like comparing by search items, location and time locations, one can filter based on location, Ex: How many in India are searching for such n such a topic, also based on date. Also, you can select sub regions like how many in Karnataka in India are searching for this topic. They have the results cached since 2004 and this workds from that particular timeline. You can also filter on timeliens like 'from last 30 days, from last years, have a look into it for more info.

Also, search items are based on categories like say Sports, Internet, technology, so you might make your search faster by selecting only those categories you are interested.

It also gives you a graph (from the timeline you selected and shows the number of searches on that given topic, For Example, I was searching for Dr. Rajkumar whose graph was pretty normal but it reached its high on mid of April (Exactly 12th of April, when he had died), Seems reliable for your searches.

Also, it gives the top search strings people google it for and its rank too. It gives the top 10 countries who had googled it for along with the percentage. Besides, it colors a world map, coloring region dark of those regions where more people search for it. This is one of the cool features.

It also gives you the search strings related to your topic whose counts are rising day by day.

You might think, this works for everything. Actually it keeps track of those topics whose hit counts cross a certain limit ( I have absolutely no idea as to what that limit is... )

Topics like 'Jaggesh' will display the graphs and the top searching countries (4 in this case as of now), but search terms related to that will say "not enough search volume to show results"

Surprisingly, selecting subregion Karnataka says not enough search volumes to show graphs. I see something fishy here.

If you search for a more obscure topic like 'Napolean Dovva', it says not enough search volume again.

So, to be searched by google insights, you gotta have your page rank high and the number of hits should be more.

Atleast this is what i observed in an hour spent in the past two days. Hope I gather more information and get back to you. Hope this helps you out.